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Feature One

Simply add your own photo or logo with the Branded option and you will have your presence able to be added to every user that you share your app with. Talk about a contact card!

Let's say a past client had your app on their phone and they were at dinner with friends;

  • And the conversation turned to looking for a new home
  • Your client just so happens to have your app on their phone
  • They share your app and they all start looking at houses
  • And who do you think the contact person is. Yep! You!

No Downloads just Tap and Share `how cool is that`

Feature Two

What you will notice is that there are no ads or competition on your app!

This gives you exclusivity of your clients. You work too hard making contacts and maintain relationships to let someone bid for space (on the others apps) to just steel your leads. Sign Up

Your Phone Number, Your eMail, Your Contact Info. If they change login and change them.

Feature Three

As you can tell our design is easy and simple. No creating an account to see a property or setting crazy filters just what they want to see and fast.

We want your clients to be able to quickly search for a home on the run in the car with a tap and tap. Tap on a property and you get a text, call or email. As they are driving to the next house using the Google Maps Integration you can be doing the research for more detailed info for them, setting appointment to see the house or getting more details for them engaging you with the client.

Feature Four

If your client has the GEO locator turned-on on their devise the Google Maps Integration will give them turn by turn directions to the house they have tapped on. (Keeping your default location in place)

3 Simple Steps to Get your Agents setup with idx.link

Create Agent

Add agent name, email, cell number and zipcode

Choose Color

Upload photo or logo, choose button color for app

Start Sharing

Tap share button and send to friends and clients

Choose Colour