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Property Search App is a mobile-friendly HTML5 mobile to web designed
to connect you with clients shopping for those new homes.

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The story

We have taken care of the UX and front-end design so all you have to do is add your image, enter your phone number and select your color.

Mobile to Web

Our responsive design is Mobile to Web; what that means is we are a hybrid app integrating the best of both the app and the browser. Your clients will be able to view your app on any mobile devise as well as any web browser. Users can share to their desktop or sync to all of their devises.

Responsive means that the size and text will change with each devise making for a more user friendly experience. You will maintain a connection with your users with them having the ability to share and sync your app. Love it! Thank you for making my life easier and saving me time! I'll definitely recommend it to my co-workers. :)

@LisaW, Abilene

Works across all devices

Browser, Tablet and Phones: Users can share links of listing, sync to any of their devises. Share with others by air drop, email, twitter, facebook, pinrest and google plus. Add the App to their HomeScreen of their devises. has a built in script recognizing the devise that is being used prompting a shortcut to add your App to their HomeScreen. Users just have to tap on the share button to select how they would like to share your App with friends and clients.

Download mobile versions

Great design on the multiple devise platforms. I had looked at other apps and this one by far blows away the others. 3-in-1

@JackT, Frisco

Easy to customise

Customizing your app is easy; select the button color add your photo or logo for esthetics. Set your phone number and emails as well as set the default zip code in the area you specialize.

In less than 3 minutes you can have your app designed. Want to change it? Login; change your color, phone number, and photo. Oh yea, did we mention the about me field? You have 200 characters to give your clients a message on your app. Greetings, Bio or Instructions on how to use.

Was sharing my app with all of my followers within 15 minutes.

@AlexD, TX

Connect your users

Now for the fun part; start sharing your App with your followers and clients. Encourage your users to share your App on your Facebook, Twitter and all of your social media outlets.

Remember all that is needed to use your App is the link! So share as much as you can.

Thrilled on how many comments from my followers checking out my App. Who needs likes when you can have shares!

@RickW, Plano

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